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Denmark Wineries & Vineyards, Denmark, WA
The South-West of Western Australia

Denmark, Western Australia
The South-West of Western Australia

Giant Tingle Trees, Denmark, Western AustraliaDenmark is located 400kms south of Perth on the edge of the Southern Ocean. It is easy to fall in love with this beautiful Western Australian town and surrounds. Comfortably nestled amongst the trees along the banks of the Denmark River it is one of the most biodiverse regions of the world.

Relax beneath ancient tingle and towering karri trees - two of the giant species of the deep southern forests. Stroll along one the many white sandybeaches.

Map of Denmark, Western AustraliaClimb rocks that have been rounded by waves since they broke free from Antarctica. Swim in the clean clear Great Southern Ocean. Breathe the fresh southern most air.

Appreciate the unique creations of the range of local artists. Listen to music, all year round. Revitalise your mind, body and spirit. Watch the twinkling stars of the milky way. Denmark truly is a special place.

Giant Tingle Trees, Denmark, Western AustraliaGiant Tingle Trees, Denmark, Western Australia
Denmark, Western AustraliaThe southwest coast of Western Australia has a Mediterranean climate making it delightful all year round.

Surrounded by the Walpole Wilderness Area, the forests add to the calming and rejuvenating feel of this secluded southern paradise.

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Terrestrial & Marine Biodiversity
in the Denmark Region of WA

Denmark, West Australia - Mt ShadforthThis region of WAis in the top nine habitats for terrestrial bio- diversity.

Protecting native flora and fauna and environmental care in general are important.

There are a large number of native birds, such as the famous Blue Fairy-Wrens, the Denmark Shire emblem.

Wildflowers of the South Coast
Starting late in August and stretching into the summer months wildflowers can be seen throughout the region.

The colours spring forth from the undergrowth like waterfalls of colour. From oceanside to far within the forest canopy wildflowers are captivating.

Come and visit during Spring to experience the beauty and diversity of these amazing colourful creations.


Where is Denmark in Western Australia?

Western Australia comprises of the entire western edge of the continent, is bounded by South Australia and the Northern Territory to the east, and the Indian Ocean to the west and north.

In Australia, the body of water south of the continent is officially gazetted as the Southern Ocean. The Denmark Region is located on the south west coast of WA.

William Bay National Park
15km west of Denmark, WA

William Bay National Park covers almost two thousand hectares of Great Southern Coastline and is located only fifteen kilometres west of Denmark. (View the MAP of Denmark and surrounds to get your bearings.)

William Bay National Park has some of the most spectacular coastline including Greens Pool, Elephant Rocks, Elephant Cove, Tower Hill, Waterfall Beach, and more!

The centrepiece of the park is Greens Pool (right) and Elephant Rocks (below right) where rounded granite boulders create a reef stretching a hundred metres out to sea. Greens Pool is a delightful sheltered place to swim and safe for the whole family.

As it name suggests, Elephant Rocks looks exactly like a herd of elephants, paddling in the shallow waters.

These huge cracked oval boulders make a stunning sight as they gaze out upon the Great Southern Ocean.

To access Elephant Cove, you must pass between two of these massive giants.

The video on the right will walk you right down into the cove...

The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk
in the Walpole Wilderness Area, Denmark, WA

The treetop walk is actually a series of lightweight steel trusses built on steel pylons to form a circuit 420 metre long leading over a deep and ancient Red Tingle Tree gully. As the gully descends, you ascend gradually into the treetops.

It's a masterpiece as far as architecture goes too. The framework allows a very holistic view of the surroundings.

The Ancient Empires Walk is the continuation of the tour through the Valley of the Giants. The Giants are, of course, the giant red tingle trees which are only found in this particular area of the Walpole Wilderness Area.

Some of these giants are over fifteen metres round at the base! There is a raised wooden boardwalk which winds between and even THROUGH the giant tingle trees!

The Wilson Inlet, Denmark, Western Australia
The Wilson Inlet, Denmark, Western Australia The Wilson Inlet is fed from the Denmark and Hay Rivers and is less than a kilometre south of town.

Embraced by the Nullaki peninsula on the southern side, this majestic water is divided from the ocean by a sandbar which covers the opening much of the year. Many of the houses on the hillsides surrounding Denmark have views over the calming waters.

Denmark Wineries:
Wineries, Vineyards & Estates
of Denmark, WA
Denmark, WA
Regional Information

For more information about the Denmark Region, including the City of Albany and Surrounds, Walpole and the Walpole Wilderness area, or the southern forests, we recommend two other outstanding online resources:
a local's tourist guide to Denmark

covering Albany, Denmark & Walpole along the South Coast of Western Australia

Denmark, WA


Denmark Spas & Retreats

The Valley of the Giants

Maps of the Denmark Region including:

Denmark & The
Wilson Inlet Map

William Bay
National Park Map

Activities on the Coast

South Coast Tours

Visitor Comment:

"Aaaah Denmark, how do I love thee, let me count the ways, the ocean, the rocks, the velvety white sand, the tall trees the myriad stars, the silent dark river with it's reflection of moonlight, the little blue wrens, the light in the people, the hills, the miles and miles of empty coastline!... I am overwhelmed... ..."

~ KB upon visiting Denmark during the Denmark Markets
Ocean Beach, Denmark, Western Australia
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